mid_top_picWe understand how difficult it can be for students, employees, self-employed people and tourists to adapt to what may be a very different environment, especially when they’re not fluent in the language people speak in that region. To combat this problem, Career Launcher Education now offers language training courses.

Improved fluency will give candidates confidence in both business and social situations. We offer a range of language courses, both in groups and one-to-one, specifically tailored for ability and needs of candidates and their families. This training can also be used in conjunction with our unique Country Acclimatization Course, enabling candidates to undertake a comprehensive cultural and language package.

Language training also enables employees and self-employed candidates and their families to engage more productively with people they meet, improving confidence in business and social situations. Our language training can teach speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, including technical terminology if needed.

Our Language Training service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Office support – needs analysis to introduce services, establish the family’s requirements and manage expectations, liaise with training providers and provide telephone support throughout the process
  • Training Materials – access to unlimited offline and online training materials including audio-visual materials Rigorous Classroom training – coordination of registration, training materials, regularly scheduled training, record of hours and monthly report on use of service
  • Personal tuition – training materials, place, date and time of training at candidate preference (where possible), travelling expenses and record of hours and allowances and monthly report on use of service
  • Other services – youth cross cultural training (over 8 year olds recommended), English language proficiency testing

Currently, we train our clients for English, French, Nepali, Korean, German and Japanese languages.

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